How to Safely Hand Wrap a Pallet Using Guardian Stretch Film

Wrapping a pallet with the correct tools and technique is essential in the packaging industry. You can wrap a pallet using stretch film either by hand or with a machine in order to secure the product onto the pallet. Knowing how to properly wrap a pallet by hand can save time, prevent injuries and lower… [read more...]

5 Tips on How to Check Halloween Candy

At Orora, the safety of our customers, our co-workers and their families are our number one priority. That’s why we’ve put together these 5 tips on how to check Halloween candy to help parents keep their kids safe from candy that may have been tampered with. [caption id="attachment_244" align="alignright" width="300"] Our Marketing team celebrating Halloween… [read more...]

A Day in the Life of an Intern

In July, we celebrated National Intern Day at our Landsberg Orora Headquarters in Buena Park, CA. On July 26th, we sat down with Trevor Cotton to learn more about his internship experience. 1. What did you do in your internship at Orora? My internship was originally focused on making sales calls and generating leads. However,… [read more...]

Top 5 Advantages of Blister Packaging

Every product needs reliable packaging that will protect the quality of the product from manufacturing to delivery to the consumer. Though there are a variety of ways to package your product, blister packaging allows potential customers to interact with the product without compromising its quality before its purchased. Blister cards, inserts, folding cartons and thermoformed… [read more...]

4 Reasons to Use Custom Printed Tape

4 reasons to use custom printed tape Now more than ever, customers believe packaging helps define the value of a product. Though there are a variety of ways to customize your packaging, each comes with its own set of costs. One of the most cost-effective options is with custom tape. Rather than designing a box with your company’s logo or custom bubble,… [read more...]

Infographic: 200# vs. 32 ECT Corrugated Boxes

A box is a box is a box. Or is it? When it comes to protecting your product and avoiding unnecessary shipping costs, there are many types of corrugated boxes to choose from. Each type also has many possible liner combinations, board grades, styles, etc. Two of the most common types of boxes are 32 ECT… [read more...]

The Importance of Workplace Safety

Ensuring the safety of our co-workers is a top priority here at Landsberg Orora and a top priority for many of our customers as well. As a result, we created this interesting infographic of private industry workplace injury statistics to highlight the impact of workplace safety and to emphasize the importance of outfitting your co-workers… [read more...]

Five Signs You Should Consider a Packaging Solutions Partner

Your business has to worry about increasing sales and margins, enhancing productivity, improving efficiency and reducing costs. The packaging process ultimately affects all of the above. But, you may not have the team of resources or the in-house expertise needed to analyze the packaging process and offer solutions to reduce its effects on those elements… [read more...]

Creating an Effective Nutraceutical Packaging Line for Tablets

Before installing a nutraceutical packaging line for tablets, capsules, caplets or soft gels, it is critical for your business to: Define the packaging line requirements and goals based on the product requirements and packaging specifications Identify the necessary equipment Compare model specifications and performance factors Evaluate equipment features for process management, quality control, data collection… [read more...]

Making Your Products P.O.P.: Designing Point of Purchase Displays

Designing Point of Purchase Displays (P.O.P. Displays) can be an overwhelming process. In this whitepaper, Landsberg Orora examines these three key design principles: Keep It Simple Functional Before Fancy Remember Retail Store Placement and Requirements In this guide, you will also learn how incorporating these principles into your P.O.P. Display design will better influence consumer behavior.… [read more...]