4 Reasons to Use Custom Printed Tape

custom printed tape example

Now more than ever, customers believe packaging helps define the value of a product. Though there are a variety of ways to customize your packaging, each comes with its own set of costs. One of the most cost-effective options is with custom tape. Rather than designing a box with your company’s logo or custom bubble, custom printed tape allows you to create a unique brand experience for a fraction of the cost.

Here are the top 4 reasons to choose custom tape over stock tape or other custom packaging materials.

  1. Solve two challenges with one solution
    • You can increase brand awareness and seal your box at the same time. By placing your logo or brand message on the tape, you can protect and advertise with one solution.
  2. Increase brand awareness with custom messages, logos and branded content
    • You can print just about anything on custom tape. Whether it is a seasonal message like “Happy Holidays” or promotional messages such as web addresses and company slogans, custom printed tape allows you to convey a message to your customer and enhance your brand experience.
  3. Highlight security issues or provide instructions
    • Custom tapes can display tamper-evident seals or protective handling instructions to reduce theft and ensure your customer’s piece of mind that the product inside has not been tampered with. You can also improve safety by printing instructions to ensure your employees and customers handle the packaging properly and prevent injuries.
  4. It’s more cost-effective than custom boxes
    • Using custom printed tape versus custom printed boxes or other custom solutions gives you flexibility. You can still create a unique brand experience without flexing your budget.

What Kind of Custom Printed Tape Should You Choose?

There are two main types of custom printed tape: printed pressure sensitive poly tapes and water activated tapes. The pressure sensitive tapes have a hot melt adhesive that makes it very versatile and less expensive than water-activated tapes (WAT). They are also very easy and cost-effective to apply since you only need handheld tape dispensers to apply the tape.

On the other hand, printed WAT tape offers its own advantages. Water activated tape blends in with kraft corrugated boxes to create a more seamless appearance. WAT tapes also create a more permanent seal and are 100% recyclable.

Our team can help you select the right custom printed tape for your product. We offer over 13 different colors and 1 to 3-color printing options in a variety of sizes with low order minimums and quick delivery times after artwork approval. Contact us today to learn more.