Top 5 Advantages of Blister Packaging

Every product needs reliable packaging that will protect the quality of the product from manufacturing to delivery to the consumer. Though there are a variety of ways to package your product, blister packaging allows potential customers to interact with the product without compromising its quality before its purchased.

Blister cards, inserts, folding cartons and thermoformed blisters will comprise a global market of more than $27.78 Billion US dollars by the year 2022 and are used extensively throughout club stores and major retail chains.

Here are some reasons why blister packaging is the best way to package your product.

  1. High quality product protection without compromising experience
    • The heat seal coating on blister packaging protects your product from any element that would otherwise damage the product, therefor maintaining its quality. Whether the packaging is for food, medical products of anything with an expiration date, you can trust that your packaging will deliver the quality that you promise.
  2. Diverse marketing options
    • Landsberg uses the industry’s first 7 color processor to print vibrant colors on a variety of design options. This world class processor has the power to match and print every companies unique color pallets with a vibrancy that has never been seen before.
  3. Engagement for the consumer
    • Blister packaging provides a unique opportunity for consumer engagement. With a clear plastic cavity around the product, consumers are able to view and sometimes even touch the product without compromising or contaminating the product before purchase.
  4. Secured Value
    • While consumers are able to engage with the products, blister packaging by design is tamper-resistant and deters theft.
  5. Cost Effectiveness
    • Blister packaging saves you money since it requires fewer tooling costs and is easier to produce than some other packaging methods.

If you are interested in learning more about blister packaging solutions, Landsberg Orora’s packaging consultants can assist your team with the design, manufacturing and inventory management of any type of design. Minimum order quantities start at just 5,000 and we are proud to offer the industry’s first 7-color printing process. Contact us today to get started.